CORONAVIRUS UPDATE In-Person Services | 9:30am & 11am Click for information

Coronavirus Update

Our policy and plan for the Coronavirus

Current as of Friday, April 30 at 12pm

Worship Services & Our COVID19 Response

We exist as people and as a church family to worship and serve our God together. But we also want to be prayerful and careful so we can worship in a God-honoring way, while making it as safe as possible for all of our people and our guests. What does this mean for our Capital City family? We’ve created this page to give you detailed information about our efforts to provide a safe in-person worship experience for you and your family. Remember – the situation is fluid, so these plans are subject to change.

  • TIMES: 9:30am & 11:00am

  • VENUES: Adult Worship Center (East) & Student Worship Center (West)
  • Both venues will have chairs spaced for social distancing. Please sit together as a family, and leave 2 chairs between families if you are sitting on the same row with others.

  • Masks have been mandated statewide when social distancing cannot be maintained in public spaces.
  • Please wear a mask when entering the building and while moving about the building.
  • In the Worship Center - once you are in your seat and socially distanced, you may opt to remove your mask.
  • Masks are available in our connections room if you'd like one.

  • We offer a full worship experience during the 9:30am and 11:00am service, including singing, praying, Scripture reading, communion, and a sermon.
  • Worshipers can pick up pre-packaged communion in the foyer as they enter for worship.
  • Offering Boxes and Generous Buckets will be on the Worship Stations around both Worship Centers. Of course, you may also to continue to give on-line.

  • Our Welcome and Guest Services teams will be wearing masks, and will refrain from handshakes, hugs and fist-bumps. (They are not a grumpy bunch, they are just trying to make as many of our guests as comfortable as possible!)
  • Our Guest Services teams will prop the doors open before and after the services, and open doors for you while services are in session.

  • Restrooms will be open, but we ask that you maintain social distancing and wash your hands thoroughly before exiting. Sanitizers will be available in each bathroom.

  • You will still be able to get a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or a snack bar, but it will not be self-serve. Our masked and gloved Guest Services teams will serve you (think Starbucks!).
  • Bottled water will be available in our snack area.

  • If you are sick or running a fever, please stay home and connect with us online. 
  • We will not be taking your temperature before you enter the building, but you may want to do that at home before coming.
  • The facility will be thoroughly sanitized each week, including the chairs. 
  • You will find hand sanitizing stations throughout our facility.

  • Our Preschool CapCity Kids ministry is open!
  • All classrooms, hallways and restrooms are disinfected each week and between services on Sundays. 
  • Children will remain in one classroom for the entire service.
  • We encourage one adult to check-in/out each week.
  • We ask adults to wear masks during check-in/out
  • We have extensive policies on toys and how we will disinfect them and how we will avoid using certain types of toys. 
  • We will not have a snack time.
  • We encourage adults to take kids to the restroom before they check-in.
  • We will not be using water fountains - please provide a labeled water bottle.
  • The CDC guidelines are quite extensive so we have many more details about how we will keep our preschool ministry safe for your children. For a full list of our guidelines and current policies, CLICK HERE.

  • Our Elementary CapCity Kids worship is open!
  • Services are held in the Kids Zone (downstairs from the main lobby).
  • Our Kids Zone will be open to all elementary (1st grade through 5th grade) during both the 9:30am and 11am services.
  • Please take your kids to the restroom before you check them in
  • All kids will need to wear a mask. If you have one, please bring it. If not, we will have some available. The kids won’t need to wear them during the services while in their seats, but anytime they get up (ie check-in, check-out, restrooms, etc.) they will need to wear a mask.
  • There will not be a snack time or water fountain during the services.

  • Our Middle School and High School CapCity Student worship is open!
  • Services are held in the Student Worship Center.

  • Our Sunday Groups are open!
  • We're leaving the choice on when to reopen up to individual groups as the demographic makeup of groups is different.
  • We currently have three groups meeting on Sunday mornings in person, one at 8:30am and two classes at 9:30am.
  • Deep Dive is an online group that meets at 11am each Sunday, live, on our @CapCityGrowth Facebook page. They Dive Deeper into Doc's sermon.

  • Those in our church family who are over 65, or who are battling some other health condition that makes you more at risk may choose to continue connecting with us “online” instead of starting back with “in-person” church. We understand!
  • If you need assistance connecting with us online, please contact us!
  • We have tried to give a very clear picture of our plan, so please exercise good judgement as you decide when to re-engage in person.

  • Our online worship will continue as always, though it will actually be livestream, instead of pre-recorded.
  • Our sermons will be available on our Youtube channel each following Tuesday.

How to Watch Services Online

If you're sick, part of an "at-risk" demographic or if you're still uncomfortable with being in a room with a large gathering, we're still available for church online each week. When worshipping online, we believe the best way to engage with us online is through Facebook Live. If you have a Facebook account, you're able to interact directly with our live host who is there to answer questions, help guide you through the service and even pray with you. All you have to do is click here at 9am and 11am every Sunday. By watching, liking, commenting and sharing on Facebook, you help us expand our reach exponentially to all of Frankfort and beyond.

If you'd prefer to stay here on, we do have a live stream available without going to Facebook. Just follow the link below.

How to Give Online

For those worshipping with us online, we welcome you to give online as well. We never expect anyone who is joining us as a guest to give - this is only for those who call Capital City home and are committed to supporting the ministry at Capital City, in Frankfort and beyond.

If you'd like to give via credit or debit card - click this secure link to give online. A percentage of all gifts given via credit or debit card is taken by the processing and credit card companies. To avoid this deduction from your gift, we invite to give in another way.

If you'd like to schedule your giving on a weekly or monthly basis via bank draft - email our office manager, Angela Eades, at [email protected]. 100% of your gifts given by bank draft are received by the church.

If you'd like to give via check - you can mail checks or bring them by the office at 15 Locust Drive, Frankfort, KY 40601. Make checks payable to "Capital City Christian Church."

I need some help

Remember Frankfort - we are here for you. We are part of #TeamKentucky and #TeamFrankfort. If you've been affected by the coronavirus (either directly or indirectly - including if you've been laid off from your job, you're part of the "elevated risk" people group, your children are out of school and you need some help or some other way we haven't thought of) and need some help - let us know. We're updating the existing measures and structures for how we can help below. Check the page below and let us know how we can help.

Got questions we didn't answer?

While Capital City's staff has met with emergency management personnel and healthcare professionals, we possess no special information beyond what is provided by the Center for Disease Control and Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. We probably don't know anything about the coronavirus you don't know. However, if you have any questions about our response to the coronavirus or how we are part of #TeamKentucky and how we are #ForFrankfort, don't hesitate to ask.