CapABLE Ministry

CapCity's Ministry for those in our community that may be viewed as disabled, but we see as ABLE!


Abilities Beyond Life's Expectations

Often times, those in our community who have disabilities are viewed as different, even less than, due to their disabilities. But we see them as important, as Jesus saw them in Luke 14, as CapABLE, even indispensable!



  1. Not subject to being set aside or neglected;
  2. Absolutely necessary: ESSENTIAL;

Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12:22:

"On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable."

CapABLE Ministries is launching here at CapCity!

It's founded upon the conviction that all of us are created in the image of God and that we all have the need to be in relationship with Him. We see those with disabilities as capABLE, as having Abilities Beyond Life's Expectations.

Our vision is that all people, regardless of their ability, would have the opportunity to come to know Jesus, and to be a part of a church family. Our desire is to reach out to those affected by disability, and create a church culture where they can use their God given talents and abilities to make a positive impact in the Kingdom Work. We are all one family at God's table, and we want to invite you to have a seat at the table!

Upcoming Events

Fall Festival

Coming up SaturdayOctober 16th, from 11am – 2pm, we are hosting a Fall Festival for those families in our community that deal with disabilities. We’re going to have foodfestival games, a pumpkin patchpetting zoo, and more!

We ask that you register so we can learn more about your family, and any accommodations that may be needed for your family to enjoy a wonderful time.

Join the team!

We need your help making this CapABLE Ministry a reality. Join the team as we begin planning our new services and get ready to serve with this ministry.

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