Say hello to the leadership team at Capital City

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Capital City. Got questions for the staff at CapCity? Contact us by clicking here.

Dr. Stephen "Doc" Pattison - Senior Minister

"Doc" has been leading Capital City since he came in 1995. Doc serves as the primary vision-caster, teacher and pastor. You can find him speaking from stage on most Sundays. 

Jon Sutphin - Executive Minister

Jon has been at Capital City since 1989 and has served in various staff roles. Today, Jon leads many of the day-to-day operations of the church. You can find Jon leading our First Impressions teams on Sunday.

Steve Smith - Worship Minister

Steve came to Capital City in 2013. As the worship minister, Steve crafts the worship services and environment for our church. You can find Steve singing and playing guitar on stage on Sunday.

Vern Huber - Connections Minister

Vern joined the Capital City staff shortly after becoming a member in 2017. Vern is in charge of making Capital City feel smaller by getting people connected to one another. You can find Vern serving on the worship, first impressions or security team on Sunday.

Mike Napier - Growth & CapABLE Minister

Mike joined has been in ministry for more than 24 years now. He joined our Staff here at Capital City January 2020 to launch our CapABLE Ministry to serve those in our community with special needs. He has since expanded his role with us to include our Growth Ministry.

Ben Jeffries - Student Minister

Ben joined the CapCity family in 2013 and came on staff as our student minister in 2019 where he leads our middle school and high school students. You can find Ben hanging with students and student parents on Sunday mornings.

Lisa Mattox - Children's Minister

Lisa has been on staff at Capital City since 2015. Lisa oversees the growth of our CapCity Kids from birth through elementary. You can find her teaching in the Kids Zone (elementary) on Sunday.

Jessica Breidert - Preschool Minister

Jessica joined our CapCity staff team in 2016 as the preschool minister. Jess cares for our birth through kindergarten CapCity Kids and encourages and equips our volunteers. You can find her in the preschool hallway on Sunday mornings.

Ben Bellamy - IT Director

Ben joined the church family Easter 2016. In January 2020 he joined our staff bringing 33 years of IT experience.

Travis Huber - Production Assistant

Travis jumped on board with CapCity in 2019 to help make our Sunday morning worship services the best they can be. You can find him almost every Sunday in the tech booth helping lead our volunteers.

Angela Eades - Office Manager

Angela joined the staff team at Capital City in 2002 as the office manger where she manages the day-to-day operations of the church office.

Billie Jo Gannone - Communications Director

Billie Jo first joined the staff in 2014, as the office assistant, and again in 2020. In July 2020 she began to work both Communications and Office support, fully transitioning to Communications August 2021.

Alathea Hamilton - Administrative Assistant

Alathea first joined the staff in 2017, recently returning August 2021. As the Administrative Assistant, she supports all of our ministries in various capacities.

Louie Moore - Facilities Manager

Louie has been a staple of the CapCity staff since 2002. Louie oversees the presentability of each church environment. You can find him throughout the church during the week always ready to greet you with a smile.