Life Groups

We think life is better when we're together

CapCity Life Groups

Life Groups are one way that we "do life together" at Capital City. It's tough to have deep relationships by merely attending a big event, like a church service. That's where Life Groups come in. Real relationships are built out of shared experiences: meals together, conversations, adventures, serving others together, being there for each other when a need arises, and creating memories together. As we follow Christ together, friendships emerge and true discipleship takes place. It is more than just a Sunday thing, it is a way of life.

Life Group Connection

Sunday, february 24 // 5pm-7pm // kids Zone

Life Groups are a way that we facilitate that connection between people. It's how we change Capital City from feeling like a big church with people you don't know to a place you call home full of people you call family. If you're not currently involved in a Life Group, Life Group Connection is your first step to getting connected.