Embrace Grace

For Single and Pregnant Moms

"But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned to me by the Lord - the work of telling others the good news about the wonderful Grace of God." Acts 20.24

Has your life been impacted by a surprise pregnancy?

No matter your past or what you are going through, whether you choose to parent or place for adoption, we want to walk with you. When you join this support group, you will: meet weekly for 12 weeks, be encouraged by women who have walked in your shoes, and find connections with others who know the highs and lows you are experiencing.

In-Person Meetings: Mondays | 6pm | Rm 309

Our Vision

For every girl with an unplanned pregnancy to have a church to go to for spiritual, emotional, and physical support.

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"How can I help?"

  • Mentor: As a mentor, you play a crucial role in shaping our girls' lives. Your guidance, support, and feedback are invaluable. This role is exclusively for Capital City Christian Church members.
  • You must be quick to listen and slow to speak; your words should always be God-honoring.
  • It is essential for young women to feel safe so that they may be willing to open up. For this to happen, you must commit to attending every week so that the girls have a better chance of getting to know you and you them.

  • Hospitality: This role works with the group and the church to send cards and flowers to each mom so they feel loved. They would also coordinate meals and donations for the moms after they give birth.

  • Social Media: This role works with the church's Embrace Grace Facebook Group - updating statuses and promoting special events.
  • Social media posts should be kind and encouraging, respectful of the girls and their families, and always God-honoring.

  • Event Team: This role is responsible to planning, organizing, managing, and coordinating various Embrace Grace events, such as:
  • Baby Showers,
  • Princess Days, and
  • Adventure Days.

The events team does not have to be made up of women who lead the Embrace Grace group.

For more information about ways you can serve or to volunteer, contact Melissa Beard, Embrace Grace Leader, at [email protected] or call her at (502) 319-3641.

Ongoing Needs

  • New or gently worn clothes - sizes preemie to 5T
  • New or gently worn shoes - sizes 1 to 11
  • Maternity clothes
  • Car Seats
  • Strollers
  • Diapers & Wipes - sizes 2T - 5T
  • Pack 'n Plays
  • Bedding
  • Bottles & Nipples
  • Breastfeeding Supplies
  • Toiletries

Please keep in mind that we cannot accept used or open-boxed items due to liability and the risk of the unknown history of car seats, pack 'n plays, and infant feeding supplies.

If you have donation questions, contact Melissa Beard, Embrace Grace Leader, at [email protected] or (502) 319-3641.

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