End of Year Giving

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End of Year Giving

End-of-year giving can be highly beneficial for some. If you're looking to make some last-minute donations before the end of the year, we would love for you to consider donating to CapCity. Below is information regarding financial planning and qualified charitable distributions (QCDs). Of course, we recommend you consult your financial, legal, and tax specialists before making a final decision.

Charitable Contributions Tax Reminder

"Donors must deliver checks on or by this date to claim a charitable contribution deduction for 2023. Checks that are placed in the church offering during the first worship service in 2024 will not qualify for a charitable contribution deduction in 2023, even if the check is predated to 2023 or was written in 2023. However, checks that are written, mailed, and postmarked in 2023 will be deductible in 2023 even though they are not received by a church until 2024." (Richard R. Hammar, Attorney, CPA)

For more information, check out churchlawandtax.com

Interested in donating stocks?

There are many options and benefits, but we recommend you seek professional advice on all legal and tax matters. Should you be interested in donating stocks, you can find more information on initiating that here. If you have any questions or need more information about end-of-year giving, please get in touch with our Executive Minister, Jon Sutphin, at [email protected].