Wednesday Groups

Discipleship & study groups on Wednesday evenings

What's a Wednesday Group?

We believe God calls us to a deeper life with Him that goes beyond an hour a week. Find a group where you can grow with others and support each other in your faith. Groups are available for all ages including engaging groups for preschool and elementary CapCity Kids and middle and high school CapCity Students. All groups meet at 6:30pm unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday Groups began on Wednesday, August 21, but you can still join a group. Hit us up in the chat or use the form at the bottom if you have any questions.

Adult Growth Groups (6:30pm-7:30pm)

Men's Class

Meets in Rom 300 | This class is designed to help men navigate as Christians in their daily life. The discussions will surround all the basics from loving and leading as a man in the modern world.

Women's bible study

Meets in Room 302 | This class will be mining the treasures in the book of Mark. Lisa loves to find the golden nuggets that make life richer.

Connect to grow

Meets in Room 309 | This class is designed for anyone who is interested in knowing more about who we are as a community and finding out more about the life of a Jesus follower.

twisted scripture

Meet in the Student Worship Center | This class will take a look at many of the misunderstood verses and concepts that often confuse people about living the life of a Jesus follower.


Meet in the Loft | #momlife is hectic no matter what stage of motherhood you’re in. Join us as we look to the Gospel for our voice of reason to break through the turbulence in our hearts caused by anxiety, self-doubt and comparing.

Adult Support Groups (6pm-7:30pm)

Financial Peace

Meets in the Conference Room | This class will help individuals learn how to direct their finances so they have the control over their life fiscal issues so they can live a breath easier life.


Meets in Room 303 | This is a special weekly seminar with group support to help rebuild your life after a painful loss of a loved one. 

Trainer Joes

Meets in Room 306 | This is a practical successful weight loss solution as well as a place to receive nutritional coaching.

High School Students (6:30pm-7:30pm)

twisting the truth

Meets in Room 105 | In this series we’ll expose some common ways that God’s truth gets twisted and will teach us how to recognize and overcome them.

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