Wednesday Groups

Discipleship & study groups on Wednesday evenings

What's a Wednesday Group?

We believe God calls us to a deeper life with Him that goes beyond an hour a week. Find a group where you can grow with others and support each other in your faith. Groups are available for all ages including engaging groups for preschool and elementary CapCity Kids and middle and high school CapCity Students. All groups meet at 6:30pm unless otherwise stated.

This session of Wednesday Groups began January 9, 2019 and will continue through February 27, 2019.

Adult Growth Groups

Growth Groups will help followers of Jesus grow in their relationship with Him. We believe the best way to "grow" is in a "group" atmosphere. Find a group that matches your interest. Use the form at the bottom of the page to sign up for a group or ask us any questions.

Glimpses of the Gospel

There are two identical groups that meet in the Student Worship Center and Room 300 | This group will deepen your walk with Jesus by studying different "glimpses" of the love, mercy, authority and power of Jesus found in the four eyewitness accounts of the life of Jesus. Each glimpse will help you know Jesus better, so that you can trust him more.

Cherish - for couples

Meets in Room 309 | Many marriages today seem to be going through the motions and just surviving. Come and learn how your marriage can thrive when husbands and wives learn to cherish one another. This group will help couples learn proven ways to put "Cherish" into everyday actions and words.


Meets in The Loft (3rd Floor) | Today's mom needs a special kind of strength. This group will challenge you to be strong in your faith and strong for your family in the midst of all the cultural events that can cause fear and frustration. God created you and put you in a family where He needs you to be Mom strong! This group is for moms of any age.

Bible study: John (Women only)

Meets in Room 303 | Walk through the book of John. Study the story of Jesus' life through the eyes of one of his closest friends, John.

Support Groups

Support groups are based on providing group-based support around a time that you may be going through in life. We're not made to go through life alone - these groups will provide that community you need for support. Support groups meet from 6pm-7:30pm.

The new session for Support groups will begin January 23, 2019.


Meets in the Student Cafe | Don't go through divorce alone.


Meets in the Student Worship Center | Go through the grief process with others.

Financial peace university

Meet in the Conference Room | Learn how to have financial freedom and spend and save wisely.

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