Sunday Groups

Adult Bible Fellowship Groups available Sunday mornings.

Sunday Morning Groups

We believe God calls us to a deeper life with Him that goes beyond just the worship service on Sunday morning. Finding a group where you can grow with others and support each other in your faith is vital to your journey as a Jesus follower. Take advantage of the time while you're here; plug into one of our Sunday morning groups while your kids are enjoying a fun time of worship and growth as well.

Our current classes available are:

  • Young Adult | Room 303 | 9:30am
  • Teaching and Living Christ (TLC) | Room 309 | 9:30am
  • Rag Tag Disciples | Room 300 | 9:30am
  • Skill Set | Room 300 | 11am
  • Follows the current sermon series

Details about current leaders and studies can be found on the Groups display in the main lobby. For more information, contact Ben Webb, Associate Minister, at [email protected].