Blue Grass Christian Camp

An action-packed and gospel-focused church camp for the Next Generation.

Life is hard and can sometimes feel overwhelming. Students feel isolated and distracted. Parents are frustrated and at times can feel powerless to meet the needs of their children. Churches and communities are discouraged and under resourced. So, we Disciple Youth, Empower Families, Encourage the Church and Engage the Community to help people reconnect with what really matters: A relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Our camps are groups based upon the age and/or grade your child will be this upcoming Fall. 
  • Day Camp (Ages 5-9)
  • Regional Day Camps (Ages 5-11) Mt. Sterling & Frankfort
  • Native (Grades 6-9)
  • Tribal (Grades 6-9)
  • 711 (Ages 7-11)

When people have a safe place to be themselves, life can be restored. 

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