Generous Bucket

Giving to help our family & community

We Give Generously

Our Generous Bucket serves those in need in our church and in our community. 100% of the funds in the Generous Bucket go directly to something like paying an electricity bill, buying groceries, filling up a gas tank or giving gifts to kids on Christmas morning.

The Generous Bucket is a place to give beyond your normal offering to God through the church, and serves as a way to provide compassion to our family. To give to the Generous Bucket, place a check or cash in the white buckets at the worship stations.

*Please note, we do not currently have a way to give to the Generous Bucket online.

Let us Know of a Need

Do you know of an opportunity for Capital City to extend generosity? If you know someone local who is struggling and could use the help our Generous Bucket provides, please let us know.

*Please provide information on the situation and a way to contact them.