Generous Bucket

Giving above and beyond to help those in our church family and our community.

The Why

Our Generous Buckets are not part of our regular weekly offering or our budget. Generous Bucket monies are used to help a family member, a member of our community, or an organization in our community or beyond that have a financial need. We have a team that looks at circumstances/requests and distributes monies as as needed.

Generous Bucket Breakdown

updated: Jan 25, 2023

Income: $115,623.59

Expenses: $114,686.14

Non-Profit Groups: $7,343.83

Community Needs: $34,297.58

Eastern Ky Flood Assistance: $24,256.30

Haiti Relief: $36,186.11

Lifeline Missions: $9,067.50

Help Build Hope: $3,534.82

For more information about the Generous Bucket, contact our Executive Minister, Jon Sutphin, at [email protected].

Do you know of a need?

Do you know of an opportunity for Capital City to extend generosity? If you know someone or a local group or organization who is struggling and could use the help our Generous Bucket provides, please let us know.

*Please provide information on the situation and a way to contact them.