JP24 Agent Guide

The do's and don't's for volunteers at Jesus Prom.

Not sure what to wear?

Get ready for a super fun time at our themed event this year-it's all about superheroes! We can't wait to see everyone in their superhero gear, ready to save the day. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas...

  • First and foremost, masks allow superheroes to maintain their anonymity. Many superheroes have secret identities, and their masks are crucial to keeping their alter egos hidden. By concealing their faces, superheroes can carry out their heroic deeds without fear of retaliation from their enemies.
  • Any superhero with a long legacy has probably donned a spandex-like suit at some point throughout comics history: Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and the X-Men, to name a few.
  • Everyone has had the debate about why their favorite superhero is the best, and while they are all incredible, some really don’t have any powers to speak of and need a bit more help from some cool gadgets and technology, such as:
  • Green Lantern's Ring,
  • Batman’s car,
  • Captain America's Shield,
  • Spider-Man's Web Shooter,
  • Thor's Mjolnir, and
  • Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

All kidding aside, this is all about having fun and expressing your own superhero style. Feel free to wear whatever you're comfortable with. We'd like to ask you to avoid masks that completely hide your face, which might make some of our guests uneasy.

Agent Training

Volunteer Training will be available both online and in person. If this is your first time volunteering with Jesus Prom, we strongly encourage you to attend one of the following training sessions:

  • Sunday, Aug 4 | 9:30am or 11am | Connections Room
  • Sunday, Aug 11 | 9:30am or 11am | Connections Room

General Agent Information

Your Team Leaders, who deeply appreciate your crucial role, will contact you to inform you of your responsibilities during Jesus Prom. Your presence and dedication are not just important but vital to the success of this event. Please stay in your assigned areas throughout the event, knowing that your contribution is truly valued.

  • Check-in for volunteers will open at 5:45pm. Please check in at the kiosks in the Adult Worship Center's main lobby. You will check in using your phone number provided to CapCity. Don't worry; if you need any help, someone will be there to help you.
  • Once you have checked in, please head directly to your assigned areas. Please be in place by 6pm. If you are not going to make it by that time, please contact your Team Leader.
  • HS/MS Team: Please check in using the phone number of your sponsor, Coach, or parent rep.

  • Your children are welcome at JP, but they must be with a parent or guardian at all times. If needed, childcare is available.

  • We will not be serving dinner this year. Please eat before you arrive.

  • Please park as far away as possible from the doors. We must leave the spaces closer to the entrance for our guests and their caregivers.

  • This year, we kindly ask all team members to clean their designated areas before leaving for the evening. This small but significant task will not only contribute to the overall cleanliness of the event but also make it easier for Louie to do the turn-around for Sunday morning. Your active participation in this task is greatly appreciated.

Guardian (Escort) Information

  • Guardians or “escorts” need to be at least 16 years old. Kids 15 years and younger may be paired together or with an adult.

  • When you register, we will need your date of birth, phone number, and email address.

  • We will also need to know if you plan to escort by yourself or in a pair.

  • If you are part of an MS/HS team, we will need the name and phone number of a contact person who will be present on the night of Jesus Prom. Their number will be used to check-in. This can be the Coach or another parent rep.

  • Check-in for our Guardians will begin at 5:45pm. They need to be present and checked in by 6pm. After they are checked in, please wait in the lobby of the Student Worship Center to be paired with a date for the evening. Your primary job will be to guide your guests around the facility: snack room, game room, dance floor, etc.

  • If you need assistance during the event, several “Commissioners” will be present to help. Your guest's primary caregiver's name and phone number will also be listed on your “dates” name tag.

  • Trying to meet with the caregiver at the beginning of the night is essential. During this time, it is good to ask questions about your guest and how to make this night memorable.

  • We will not be serving dinner this year. However, snacks will be available for your guests in the Student Worship Center.

  • The Connections room will also be a quiet space where guests can sit and relax if they get tired.

  • You don't need to do this alone. If you are uncomfortable being by yourself, team up with someone and hang out as a group. If you are paired up with someone and feel uncomfortable or it is not a good match, please find your Team Leader or a Commissioner.

  • Trying to meet with the caregiver at the beginning of the night is essential. During this time, it is good to ask questions about your guest and how to make this night memorable.

Most of all have fun! This is our night to show our guests God's love and how special they truly are.


Always treat the person, regardless of their disabilities, with the same courtesy and respect you would extend to others. Never be demanding or patronizing. Be “natural.”

  • Use everyday conversational tone and volume when talking to people with disabilities. If they cannot hear you, trust that you will be prompted to speak louder.

  • When talking with a person who is mentally challenged, speak simply - not loudly.

  • Remember, simple language does not imply “childish” language. Speaking in childish terms is nearly always regarded as offensive. Don’t just talk to them; have an honest conversation with them.

  • When interacting with a person who has a speech impairment, be patient. Give the person adequate time to respond to the conversation. Please do not attempt to finish a statement for them; this can be frustrating and demeaning.

  • If you have difficulty understanding the person with the disability, let them know. This will nearly always be appreciated. Ask the person to repeat themselves if necessary.

  • When first meeting someone with significant visual impairment, always identify yourself and introduce anyone else who might be present. And remember, speak in a “normal” tone of voice. For the blind person in particular, the sense of hearing becomes more acute.

  • Maintain a relaxed conversation with the person. Talk about the same things you would with anyone else.

  • Be patient. Let the mentally and/ or physically challenged person set his own pace in walking or talking. Don’t be over-protective or patronizing.

  • Don’t shower the physically and/ or mentally challenged person with kindness. Again, be “natural” and respectful. They have come to the Jesus Prom to have fun and meet real people.

  • Don’t offer pity or charity. The mentally and/ or physically challenged person wants to be treated equally. They want the chance to prove themselves.

  • Don’t arrive at any pre-conceived conclusions about the limitations of the mentally and/ or physically challenged person based on available data. Get to know the person. You are likely to be surprised at the real abilities of the person.

Remember they are made in the likeness of God - just like you!