Half-Day Spiritual Retreat

Looking for a way to deepen your connection?

Are you looking for a way to deepen your connection with God or a way to deepen your awareness of His presence?

It’s hard when we are so busy and the world is so noisy! 

What if you could spend a morning with no agenda but get quiet with God? 

Perhaps... God will refresh you. Perhaps... God will tell you something you need to hear. Maybe... that time with God will put things in your life back into perspective.

Register for our Half-Day Spiritual Retreat

Join Doc at Cove Spring Park on the third Saturday of the Month (June - Aug) from 8:30am - 12pm for a guided retreat that will allow you to dig deeper into His word and grow closer to Him.

Dates for 2024:

  • June 15
  • July 20
  • August 17

"Thank you “Doc” for leading us today! I not only enjoyed this, but I needed this! Highly recommend to any of you that have not been on one of these half-day retreats!!"

- Cheryl Wright

Things To Know

Where: Cove Spring Park, Frankfort, KY

Take Versailles Road (US 60) to Owenton Road (127). As you reach the exit's bottom, Cove Spring Park is directly across the road to the left. Turn left off 127, then bear right into the parking area, and you will see some shelters.

 What to bring:

  • A pen
  • Scriptures and other readings will be provided, as well as paper for notes.
  • A backpack that can handle all you need for the morning
  • Shoes comfortable for walking on trails
  • Something to drink
  • It will warm as the morning progresses, so bring at least a bottle of water or juice.
  • Something to snack on
  • You may choose to fast, but you are welcome to bring light food.
  • A small pad or camp chair to sit on if you choose
  • There are benches available in various places around the park.
  • Bug-spray
  • A watch 

What not to bring:

  • Cell phone
  • Unless you commit to using it as just a watch, trust God to handle your emergencies for a few hours.
  • Anything else electronic (i.e., video games, radios, and laptops)
  • Anything related to work
  • This morning is solely for intimacy with God. 

What we’ll do:

  • There will be several guided scripture readings.
  • There will be time for prayer.
  • There will be time for silence.
  • There will be time for walking... and perhaps even resting.
  • We will meet for instructions at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:30. We should be done by noon.

Contact Doc at [email protected] for more information.