OASIS: Mike Armstrong Night of Comedy

For our Boomers & Builders

Calling all Boomers & Builders

You're invited to a unique night of family-friendly comedy starring Mike Armstrong, Friday, June 24, 6:30pm - 8:30pmThe $20 registration fee includes both the show and dinner, provided in the AWC. Please note that the cutoff date for registration is Sunday, June 16.

Dinner: Choice of pork loin or meatloaf with two sides and dessert.

About Mike Armstrong

Described by those who know him as the real-life version of the Southern Gentleman, Mike Armstrong can best be described as the perfect best friend that you just met.

Mike's shows are a testament to his unique style - family-friendly, devoid of vulgarity, politics, and sex.  Instead, they're filled with hilarious real-life stories of family life, police life, and just plain living. 

When asked why he has kept his shows like this over the years, Mike's response is always that when he first started out, he was just mindful of the fact that he didn't want to put on a show that his Grandma wouldn't enjoy and that philosophy has worked out great for him throughout the years.

For more information

For more information, contact Vern Huber, OASIS Minister, at [email protected].